Hi, I'm Cristina

I am all in for a shift in our food system and reclaiming our health with veggies. 

 It's not about calories, keto, paleo, vegan etc., it's about eating enough high quality produce to be healthy and lively every day. 

Produce radically changes your gut health, which is great for your immune system. Because your microbiome really needs the fiber from whole foods not bottled probiotics (I’m looking at you kombucha!)

I get it, produce doesn’t have the sex appeal of a fizzy bottle but it provides the most impactful health benefits, reducing constipation, slashing your risk of disease, stabilizing your mood and promoting weight loss. 

Besides fruit, most produce doesn’t have great flavor as is. It takes planning, knowing how to choose it, and preparing it in timely and tasty ways. Pretty much every vegetable will taste good if you put some healthy oil and salt on it. And pretty much every vegetable will taste boring (leaving you hungry) if you don't.

So how much produce should you eat? In a nutshell, the more the better or at least half of your plate.


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